Tour Packages - Hotel Erma

Tour Packages - Hotel Erma

Tour Packages Hotel Erma



Gorge of the river Erma - ecotrail

  • Extreme tracking options available
  • Regular barbecues available

Filipovska River Gorge

  • Extreme tracking options available

Waterfall village Vrabcha

  • Barbecue option

Historical sites:

The Chapel of St Petka  - in the area of ​​the city
The Museum of Yogurt – Izvor village
The Museum of Ceramics – village of Busintsi

Church - pilgrimage tour:
Churches, monasteries and monuments of your choice from the area of Tran

Mountain - tourist routes:

Plant and herb species exploration tours
Gold related tours

A Tourist guide is available in the Republic of Serbia for nearby destinations.

Available languages: Serbian, Arabic, English


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  Gotge of the River Erma  
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Tran Hotel

Erma Hotel Tran Bulgaria

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We at Hotel Erma understand the finer points of hospitality. We cater to a level where first class service is a norm rather than an exception. Hotel Erma features state of the art service while offering all the possibilities for family getaways, romantic escapes, adventure tours and team buildings. Whether you need accommodation for business or pleasure, Hotel Erma will have the perfect solution for you.© Hotel Erma