Jdreloto is a result of thousands of years of the river's erosive action and it has formed a deep narrow cut in the limestone rocks. The unique attraction is situated 3 km from the town of Tran, near the village of Lomnitsa. It is one of the one hundred national tourist attractions in Bulgaria. In 1961 Jdreloto was declared a natural monument and is now a protected area. In the lowest part where it reaches the river level, the distance between the two rocks is only 3-4 m. In that spot the river has also formed a 4-meter high waterfall and further down the river one can see numerous caves, cascades and waterfalls.

The region of Tran is located across the south slopes of the Balkans and Kraishte, in the Middle West Part of Bulgaria. It is mainly mountainous parts boarded by valleys and small fields in the skirts of mountain ridges and heights and the Erma river has formed a magnificent shape known as Jdreloto. The surrounding nature endues Tran with original and unforgettable beauty and a healthy climate - cold winter, cool summer, sunny autumn and crystal pure air all year round. In this somehow self-introverted land the people of Tran have managed to preserve their culture and any visitor would leave feeling culturally enriched.

Tran has been preserved as a wealth of cultural treasures thanks to a considering building regulation with a primary aim of preserving the unique building style. The people here believe in preserving their traditions and that communicates just how untouched and real the place is. Our coordinators will have plenty to tell you about the local customs and traditions if you choose to devote some time to a tour.


  Ждрелото на река Ерма  
  Трън Ждрелото Ерма  
  Трън Ждрелото на Ерма  

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